AI’S INEVITABLE ASCENT: Analyst Uncovers Lucrative Artificial Intelligence Ventures in 2024 – Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL), Adobe (NASDAQ:ADBE) AI’S INEVITABLE ASCENT: Analyst Uncovers Lucrative Artificial Intelligence Ventures in 2024

By: Alex Freidmen

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly advancing, with each of the major tech companies participating in some capacity, and the opportunities are not monopolized by the Magnificent Seven.

“Every company is going to have to be an AI company,” said Ivan Feinseth, senior partner and CIO at Tigress Financial, while appearing on Benzinga PreMarket Prep on Friday.

He was quoting Tom Siebel, CEO of, an enterprise AI application development platform, and a company that Feinseth likes and invests in.

“Every company is going to have to, in some way, deploy AI in tracking customer behavior, optimizing supply chains, and increase business efficiency and employee efficiency,” Feinseth added.

“This is going to be the next goldrush — like automation and electronics was in the 1970s, home computing in the 1980s and the internet in 1990s and early 2000s.”

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Embracing ‘Hyperscalers’ And Niche Companies

Feinseth appreciates companies capable of smoothly adapting to substantial surges in demand – the so-called “hyperscalers” like Inc AMZN, Alphabet Inc GOOGL, and Microsoft Corp MSFT.

In the realm of smaller market capitalization, he favors recent entrants such as MongoDB MDB, a database software developer that went public in late 2017, Monday.Com MNDY, a project management software platform that made its debut in June 2021, and, which had its IPO in December 2021.

But what about the perils of AI — the existential threat to job stability? While Feinseth holds Adobe Inc ADBE shares, he doesn’t anticipate AI displacing graphic designers.

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“A graphic designer is going to lose his or her job to a graphic designer using AI to be more efficient and more creative,” he said.

Feinseth added: “AI is going to increase operating efficiency, creativity, productivity, and job satisfaction. Yes, there is one caveat – that we’ve all seen Terminator – so we know what could happen. But overall, the trend of increased AI adoption is going to continue.”

Intel’s Surge Driven By Foundry Investment

Feinseth also holds shares in Intel Corp INTC, where he identifies substantial long-term growth potential, particularly due to the company’s significant $20 billion investment in new foundries, despite its 2023 gains.

“This is crucial, especially as all the other companies in the world would like to move away from China and come back to the U.S.,” he said.

Feinseth added that “we’ve seen many chip manufacturers and users like Apple Inc AAPL and even Nvidia Corp NVDA who’ve said that they’re interested in Intel Foundry Services.”

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