Demystifying the ‘Sell in May’ Adage: A Bullish Outlook in an Election Year

By: Alex Freidmen

Market Rollercoaster: April’s Bitter Taste

The stock market in April was akin to a rollercoaster ride gone awry. Investors watched in dismay as the S&P 500 took a tumble of -4.2%, erasing a significant portion of the year’s gains. Even tech star Nvidia (NASDAQ:) wasn’t spared, recoiling nearly -20% from its March peaks. The pain was real.

Historical Perspective: Challenging the Mantra

Amidst the despair, the age-old adage “Sell in May” echoed through the canyons of Wall Street. But historical data paints a different picture. While the strategy holds some merit historically, recent trends show that staying invested after April might be the wiser choice.

Presidential Cycle Insights

Delving into the Presidential Cycle, analysis reveals intriguing patterns. In Presidential Election years, the S&P 500 has exhibited a robust performance from May through October, with gains recorded nearly 78% of the time. These years have seen median gains significantly surpassing the average.

Summer Rallies and Bullish Signals

Further historical analysis unveils a trend of “summer rallies,” particularly pronounced in Presidential Election years like the upcoming 2024. Charts depicting this phenomenon indicate a favorable environment for market bulls.

The Goldman Perspective

Adding weight to the bullish sentiment, Goldman Sachs highlights a forthcoming ‘Wall of Money’ set to fuel the stock market’s summer festivities. The influx of passive equity allocations during July’s first half historically propels equities to strong gains. The report forecasts substantial new investment pouring in, bolstering the market’s upward trajectory.

Contemplating Future Trends

While uncertainties loom and risks exist, including the maturation of exponential growth expectations, historical data nudges investors to remain on the Bull train in the near future. The road ahead may be rocky, but optimism prevails.

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Parting Words

As a Norwegian saying goes, “Heroism consists of hanging on one minute longer.” In this market scenario, resilience and perseverance may be key virtues. Green screens and prosperity are wished upon all market participants.