The Future of Video Game Subscriptions: Embracing the End of Game Ownership

By: Alex Freidmen

Ubisoft Executive’s Bold Stance

Philippe Tremblay-Gauthier, director of subscriptions at Ubisoft Entertainment SA (OTC:UBSFF), has sparked a fiery debate within the gaming community by advocating for a future where gamers embrace the end of owning their video games in favor of subscription services.

Shift in Consumer Behavior

In an interview with, Tremblay-Gauthier noted the rapid growth of subscription services in the gaming industry but emphasized that it still remained a modest segment compared to traditional ownership models. He highlighted the need for a significant consumer shift akin to the transition from physical ownership of CDs and DVDs to embracing digital content.

Benefits of Subscription Models

Tremblay-Gauthier stressed the advantages of subscription services, including the continuity of game progress and enhanced accessibility. He pointed out that with subscription models, gamers do not lose their progress and can benefit from the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of paying solely for the time they utilize the service.

Backlash and Concerns

While Tremblay-Gauthier’s perspective touted the benefits of subscription services, it also ignited a backlash from gamers who have a strong preference for physical game ownership. Additionally, concerns were raised about the implications for video game preservation as the industry pivots further toward digital distribution.

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