Deciphering the Recent Options Market Activity surrounding Fair Isaac (NYSE:FICO)Deciphering the Recent Options Market Activity surrounding Fair Isaac (NYSE:FICO)

By: Alex Freidmen

Bearish sentiment on Fair Isaac FICO has been making waves in the options trading world.

This emergence of unusual options trades caught our attention today, signaling a potential major market move.

Whether these trades are orchestrated by institutional players or affluent individuals remains a mystery. However, such significant developments in FICO options typically hint at insider knowledge or anticipation of forthcoming events.

So, what exactly transpired with these investors’ activity?

Today, Benzinga‘s options scanner identified 13 extraordinary options trades for Fair Isaac.

This abnormality cannot be overlooked.

The prevailing sentiment among these high-stakes traders is teetering at 23% bullish and 76% bearish.

Out of the anomalous options transactions uncovered, 6 consist of puts, totaling $308,220, while 7 are calls, amounting to $1,105,266.

What’s The Price Target?

A thorough assessment of trading volumes and Open Interest indicates the focal price range envisioned by the major market movers for Fair Isaac spans from $1000.0 to $1480.0 over the last three months.

Volume & Open Interest Development

Scrutinizing the volume and open interest presents an insightful approach to due diligence when examining a stock.

This data aids in tracking the liquidity and interest in Fair Isaac’s options for specific strike prices.

We can observe the progression of volume and open interest for calls and puts, respectively, within the strike price range of $1000.0 to $1480.0 over the past 30 days – all emblematic of significant activity in Fair Isaac’s options market, colloquially referred to as “whale activity.”

Fair Isaac Option Volume And Open Interest Over Last 30 Days

Identified Notable Options Trades:

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SymbolPUT/CALLTrade TypeSentimentExp. DateStrike PriceTotal Trade PriceOpen InterestVolume

About Fair Isaac

Established in 1956, Fair Isaac Corporation stands as a premier applied analytics company renowned for its FICO credit scores, an extensively utilized industry benchmark in assessing consumer creditworthiness. The firm’s credit scoring enterprise reaps the lion’s share of profits and encompasses offerings catering to both businesses and individual consumers. In addition to its scores, Fair Isaac purveys software primarily targeted at financial institutions for functions including analytics, decision-making, customer workflows, and fraud prevention.

Given the recent options activity surrounding Fair Isaac, it becomes prudent to delve into the company’s current performance and trajectory.

Current Status of Fair Isaac in the Market

  • With a trading volume of 139,628, FICO’s price has dwindled by 0.0%, settling at $1260.21.
  • Present RSI readings imply the likelihood of the stock being overbought.
  • The next earnings report is slated for 3 days from now.

Expert Insights on Fair Isaac

Over the past month, 2 analysts have released appraisals of Fair Isaac, with an average target price of $1332.0.

  • An analyst from Jefferies has opted to retain their Buy rating on Fair Isaac, maintaining a price target of $1450.
  • An analyst from Raymond James has chosen to uphold their Outperform rating on Fair Isaac, with the target price standing at $1214.

Options trading poses a higher risk compared to typical stock trading, but also holds greater profit potential. Astute options traders mitigate this risk by staying informed daily, scaling their trades strategically, following multiple indicators, and maintaining a close watch on the markets.

For real-time updates on the latest options trades for Fair Isaac, refer to Benzinga Pro.